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The More Too Life Foundation

More Too Life (MTL) was started with one mission.

Advancing victims of all forms of sexual violence & human trafficking while implementing youth crime and demand prevention methods to change the way America and pop culture views exploitation and eradicate it. 

3 million children go missing each year.  Think of it? 3 million. We at Swift Flags decided we had to help. More Too Life works with hundreds of child and young adult victims each year. They are one of the nations leading. Therefore, we donate 10% of every flag that we repair to save the lives of children.  When you send us your flags you also become a part of the solution on making an impact on ending human trafficking.

The More Too Life is an American  non-profit with a global impact. The Founder Dr. Brook Bello Started MTL in 2000 and is one of our nations leading advocates against all forms of sexual violence,  human trafficking and youth crime prevention. Dr. Bello received the 2016 Lifetime Achievement Award from the White House and the President of the United States for her work in community service and advocate of the year in the state of Florida by the Attorney General and the Governor.  She is quoted saying “ I cannot help but assist the young women, children and young men with the hope of a future after such ill abuse, that I myself, with needed help and love, overcame.”

Overcame she did while impacting thousands of victims she has The highest award given to a civilian and was featured on the OWN network on "The Hero Effect." To learn how to get involved even more contact MTL at www.moretoolife.org