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Buffalo Bills NFL

Dear April,

I want to express my sincerest appreciation to you and your staff for the enormous effort you put into repairing our 15’ x 25’ flags.  I want to compliment you on your professionalism throughout the job.  I didn’t give you much time to prepare the two flags but you were able to return them to me well in advance.  I was anticipating using them before over 72,000 people and network television coverage on opening day only to find out they weren’t “acceptable for display” in a patriotic ceremony.

You met my expectations and more, on time and at fair price.  Thank you for your efforts you have become a small part in Buffalo Bills pre-game ceremony history.

C. Cappellino Jumbo Tron Producer Buffalo Bills, Inc.

R. Znidarsic, MBA

Dear April, 

I had an old 48-star US flag my father gave me years ago.  Part historical significant but mainly personal.  The flag was important to me, unfortunately, while stored the flag was slightly damaged by mice. I found Ms. Dison (Swift Flag Repair) and learned that she also repaired flags for municipalities and professional sports venues.  I contacted her, sent her the flag and she returned it in near new condition. Ms. Dison has a unique skill that is difficult to find and I highly recommend her for this type of work.

Thank you 

R.  Znidarsic, MBA

City of Baltimore, MA - Rebuilding The Madison

Thank you Swift Flag Repair for the restore of our flag, what a wonderful job. We unveiled it and recounted its story. The kids were surprised that a flag older than their moms meant so much to so many. Some city police officers and many of the rest of us were in tears to see it nearly back to it's former glory. One said "we captured a flag as a trophy of the war on drugs ... the flag of our own country." It gives us hope that one day we can restore this neighborhood to its former glory as well.

Thanks to Swift Flag Repair, our fine old flag will be here to help preside over the progress reclaiming our city neighborhood.

B.  Taylor, Baltimore, Maryland

Old, Ratty, Moldy and Musty

April, I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with the work you did on my grandpa's flag....or should I say what was left of it.  It looks wonderful and we intend to mount it in a very large frame along with his WWII and Korean war ribbons. This will end up a cherished family heirloom.

Your creativeness in tackling this old ratty moldy musty flag is to be commended. At no point did I feel like my project was of little consequence. I would highly recommend you to anyone with any type of flag repair problems.  During the whole process I was impressed with the communication and that you did not act without letting me know what was going on.  

Thank you very much.  I am one extremely happy customer.  I am sure you will not see a flag that was in this poor of a condition for some time.  The end result is something that has been stabilized and truly a work of art that I can pass down to my children.

R. Hadaway

Mr. Pascale

Good Day To You!

Yesterday, I received our flag back from repair. You did a marvelous job!  The mending was first class, and your tea dying was a perfect match.

I have to tell you that you have restored a valued and treasured family heirloom.  Rita's grandfather celebrated his American Citizenship every holiday by flying this very flag and you have restored it beautifully!  You bring great honor to this flag, to our family and to our wonderful country.

C. Pascale

Mr. Meyer

Thanks to your excellent seamstress abilities you repaired my family heirloom 10' x 15,' 46 star flag and restored it to an almost new condition.  Your initial time estimate was 9 months to repair the 200+ holes and tears in my 95 year old relic but you beat your estimate by more than 2 months to which I am grateful. It was been a pleasure doing business with you. 

I am truly grateful for your work.

T. Meyer